CEBA Loan Q&A For Dentists

Plants and notebook beside text reading "CEBA Loan For Dentists"

Effective April 9, 2020 the application for Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) became available and practices have the ability to apply for Government relief online. Effective June 26, 2020 additional measures have rolled out to allow for newer practices and even associates who previously didn’t qualify to now access this program. Here are the details … Read more

Taking a Bite Out of Employment Law

What to look for when transitioning employees between practice owners Dentists usually preach good oral hygiene to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay, but preventative maintenance applies equally to employment law and, in particular, buying or selling a practice. Strategic planning, enforceable contracts, effective workplace policies, and properly implemented procedures are the employment-law equivalent of brushing and … Read more

Got a New Dental Practice?

Congratulations on starting your own small business! Yes, that’s what your new dental practice is – a small business. Like any other small business, you have chosen a name, logo, hired staff members and found your perfect location. But once you open those doors for the first time you are in the next important stage … Read more

Google My Business

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Everyone wants to be seen; it just all depends on how you go about getting that attention, and of course whether it garners the type of attention you want. Marketing for lead generation is about doing things to get seen in the marketplace, and then engaging people to want to learn more about you. Whether … Read more

8 Reasons Why Dental Practice Owners Should Stop Contributing to RRSPs, Do This Instead…

Dental practice owner reviewing RRSP graph on tablet

It’s RRSP season, the deadline of March 1, 2019 is quickly approaching! While many Dental Practice owners will make last-minute contributions, this might be your last. Many are not aware that there are far better and faster ways to save for retirement than an RRSP.  Do you want to retire in your 50’s without having to … Read more

Is Your Practice in Maximum Value Position?

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Your practice value is worth more than just numbers, it represents your life’s work.   Your practice should always be in a maximum value position so you are  prepared for planned or unexpected events that may occur at any point of your practice cycle/career. Here are just a few reasons to be ready: Unexpected/sudden illness … Read more