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Why Use Dental Accounting Software

Before the computer, administrative professionals did all administrative and financial tasks in dental offices. Staff filled outpatient charts by hand, managed patient schedules in appointment logs and calendars, and processed payments through cheques and money orders. While the old way of managing a dental office was effective, it was also time-consuming; completing basic procedures took much longer and more work to complete. Flash forward to the present day, dental practices can use computers and dental software, also known as dental practice management software, to help manage their practices efficiently and

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How To Get New Patients For Your Dental Practice

The success of every dental practice rests on its patient base. You need patients coming in the door to sell your services because, without new dental patients, you do not have any teeth to care for! Dentists need to attract prospective patients to increase their client numbers and production to earn more money. But how do you get more patients to visit your dental office, month after month, year after year? This blog post will explain how you can attract new patients to your dental practice. We will present several

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The Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Time To Make Your Office Paperless

If you have been considering converting your office to paperless charts, this is a great time to take the leap. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years with cloud-based backup systems and massive amounts of storage capabilities, alleviating the concern of what might happen if the system goes down. Trusting that the technology won’t lose any information is no longer a concern. There are many other advantages to converting your office to a chartless environment, and here are the top ten: 1. Secure your records against the event of fire,

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Reviews and Raises

Keeping top-performing team members on staff is essential—especially in today’s job market The landscape of the dental workforce has changed drastically over the past two years. The shortage of qualified personnel in dentistry results in many employees jumping from office to office and demanding higher salaries. Dentists are being backed into a corner and, in some cases, feel forced to pay outrageous salaries just to attract and retain staff. However, paying higher salaries doesn’t guarantee that the quality of work is commensurate with the pay. Many dentists are hiring out

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How To Start Opening A Dental Practice In Canada

Starting a private dental practice in Canada can be extremely rewarding for dentists and dental hygienists. Not only does it provide them with the opportunity to make their own income, but also with the opportunity to be their own boss. Despite the many benefits of opening a private dental practice, it does not come without its challenges. It can take a great deal of time, effort and patience to open and manage a dental hygiene practice independently. In order to make this process easier, we have created a simplified plan

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Dental practice owner using black calculator next to pile of cash

A Dental Practice Owner’s Guide to Multiplying Capital Gains Exemption

Get answers to your questions about capital gains exemption and how to effectively multiply its outcome when factoring family members over the age of 18. Most dental practice owners understand the dynamics of a capital gains exemption. However, most dental practice owners may not know that there is a lifetime capital gains exemption (LCGE) available for each family member (including their parents).  Now if your parents owned a business and it has been sold, they may no longer have their Capital Gains Exemption. Now, the dentist then will be allowed

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Plants and notebook beside text reading "CEBA Loan For Dentists"

CEBA Loan Q&A For Dentists

Effective April 9, 2020 the application for Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA) became available and practices have the ability to apply for Government relief online. Effective June 26, 2020 additional measures have rolled out to allow for newer practices and even associates who previously didn’t qualify to now access this program. Here are the details to see if you qualify for it: What is the CEBA Program? The Canada Emergency Business Account is a government guaranteed loan of up to $40,000 that is interest-free until December 31, 2022. The loan

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Taking a Bite Out of Employment Law

What to look for when transitioning employees between practice owners Dentists usually preach good oral hygiene to prevent gingivitis and tooth decay, but preventative maintenance applies equally to employment law and, in particular, buying or selling a practice. Strategic planning, enforceable contracts, effective workplace policies, and properly implemented procedures are the employment-law equivalent of brushing and flossing, and can be tremendously beneficial in avoiding legal claims from employees.  This is true of both day-to-day practice operations and practices in transition. The sad reality is that in many, if not most, cases

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