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Top 10 Dental Office Management Solutions for Dental Offices

Harness the Power of Your Practice Have you tried being in two places at the same time? Running an efficient practice, while you are providing dental services is challenging, to say the least. It’s important to have the right business systems in place that are sustainable and easy to follow.  Dental teams need to have practical solutions in place that fit with their daily action plans and they need to enjoy their daily activities. Here are ten simple solutions to help your practice run efficiently: Empower your employees. Establish a

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Mask-wearing dentist offering two toothbrushes to patient

Moving Your Practice to Non-Assignment is Easier Than You Think

In the dental profession, it is generally understood that dental benefits are merely a subsidy intended to defray the costs of treatment. Yet the terms and parameters of a benefits plan can have a strong influence on a patient’s treatment decisions. How often do you hear the question, “Is this going to be covered by my insurance?” Dental teams struggle trying to convince patients of the need for treatment when it is not covered under a benefits plan. To provide the best possible care for your patients, your practice should

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