The Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Time To Make Your Office Paperless

If you have been considering converting your office to paperless charts, this is a great time to take the leap. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years with cloud-based backup systems and massive amounts of storage capabilities, alleviating the concern of what might happen if the system goes down. Trusting that the technology won’t lose any information is no longer a concern. There are many other advantages to converting your office to a chartless environment, and here are the top ten: 1. Secure your records against the event of fire,

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How To Prepare Your Dental Office For Sale In 2022

You’ve been the owner of a successful dental practice for a number of years now, and you’re feeling satisfied. You’ve hired lots of amazing employees, increased your profits and kept your patients happy, but now you’re thinking about retiring. You’ve come to the conclusion that it might be best to sell your dental practice and that’s okay! You deserve it. As the owner of a profitable dental practice, you have a lot of industry knowledge, but when it comes to selling it, do you even know where to start? This

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