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Everyone wants to be seen; it just all depends on how you go about getting that attention, and of course whether it garners the type of attention you want. Marketing for lead generation is about doing things to get seen in the marketplace, and then engaging people to want to learn more about you.

Whether a potential client has received your promotional mailer card or a referral from a friend, that person will always want to do their own due diligence by checking out your online presence before making a final decision and taking that next step – calling you to book an appointment.

Let’s face it – everyone is busy and wants quick and simple answers. To ensure you are reaching potential clients the best way possible, give them what they want with a snapshot summary of who you are as a dental practice; this is often enough to win them over and validate their decision of making that call.

Enter: Google My Business – a key piece to your internet marketing strategy, which can provide potential clients a snapshot of who you are and your reputation as a business. While it is quite straightforward to manage, many practices are underutilizing this valuable marketing asset. According to a Google study, with listings that were mostly complete, 67 per cent of profile visitors found what they were looking for and contacted a business through that research.

Imagine what you can accomplish with a fully-completed and maintained profile! To help you reach as many potential patients as possible and make the most of your Google My Business presence, be sure to follow these five key items:

  • Ensure all of your contact and office information including the map are up-to-date and active on your profile.
  • Double check that you have a working link to a modern and progressive looking website. 
  • Manage your Google reviews to ensure that you have real five-star reviews posting to your profile every month, while also immediately addressing any that could be damaging to your reputation. 
  • Smile for the camera! Post quality photos of your dental office including the waiting and patient rooms, as well as candid photos of your team in action and having fun. This shows a lighter, more inviting side of your office that others may not show.
  • Share weekly content posts (up to 100 words) to promote a key message, idea or service that whenever possible, includes a call to action.

When utilized to its greatest extent, Google My Business provides great marketing benefits to its businesses. Give us a call if you need any assistance with realizing the full potential of your profile or with any other lead generating marketing advice  – we are always here to help.

Have a great month.

Dan Pisek, Co-Founder Full Contact Marketing

Dan and his group at FCM have been key players in the field of dental practice marketing for over 18 years. Together they bring a distinctively successful repertoire of marketing services and an engaging leadership approach to deliver client success stories.

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