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Save on Tax with Medical Expenses

Do you pay for any medical expenses out of pocket?

If so, here is how you can save $4,002 in tax this year.

Our client, let’s call her Sandy (name changed), had to pay for her daughter’s braces this year, which cost $7,500.

With group benefits, that would never be covered 100%. In fact, her plan doesn’t even offer orthodontics.

There are two ways Sandy could have paid for her daughter’s braces:

  • Pay personally
  • Pay via your corporation

Pay Personally

With a marginal tax rate of 46%, that means that Sandy had to take out approximately $12,500 of income in order to net $7,500. 

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Total cost of braces: $12,500

Pay via Corporation

By using a Health Spending Account in your corporation, Sandy only has to pay $998 of administration fees & tax to cover the full $7,500 cost of the braces. 

Total Cost of braces = $8,498

Outcome? Save $4,002 by using your corporation

The math is clear. $12,500 – $8,498 = $4,002

What medical expenses are covered?

So many dentists pay for medical expenses out of pocket each year.

If you’re one of them, PLEASE STOP and setup a call with us.

You’re wasting money that is going to tax when it should stay in your pocket.

Whether you are paying for…

…massage therapy





…gym membership

…travel & major medical

…the list goes on

Whatever the medical expense is, you and your family are covered.


Most dentists we’ve dealt with spend at least $1,000 to $2,000 per year on medical.

That is about $500 to $1000 in extra tax that you are WASTING that could be used for other things.

Think about it.

$1,000 savings over 10 years is $10,000 wasted.

What could you do with another $10,000 in your pocket?


In Sandy’s case, that’s tuition paid when her daughter starts going to university/college. 

I’d love to setup a time to discuss some of the ways we can make that happen for you as well. 

Is a few minutes of your time worth 4,002 in tax savings to you?

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