Why Use Dental Accounting Software

Before the computer, administrative professionals did all administrative and financial tasks in dental offices. Staff filled outpatient charts by hand, managed patient schedules in appointment logs and calendars, and processed payments through cheques and money orders. While the old way of managing a dental office was effective, it was also time-consuming; completing basic procedures took … Read more

The Top Ten Reasons Why It’s Time To Make Your Office Paperless

If you have been considering converting your office to paperless charts, this is a great time to take the leap. Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years with cloud-based backup systems and massive amounts of storage capabilities, alleviating the concern of what might happen if the system goes down. Trusting that the technology won’t lose … Read more

Tax Saving Tips For Dentists

Dental accountant with a binder of tax-saving tips on desk

Every dentist wants to save money this tax season. Thankfully, there are many ways that dentists can reduce their tax liability and save more of their hard earned money. In this blog, we share several tax tips that can help you increase your overall tax savings. 1. Claim Your Tax Deductions Tax deductions are great … Read more

Reviews and Raises

Keeping top-performing team members on staff is essential—especially in today’s job market The landscape of the dental workforce has changed drastically over the past two years. The shortage of qualified personnel in dentistry results in many employees jumping from office to office and demanding higher salaries. Dentists are being backed into a corner and, in … Read more