Ricardo Ardiles

Co-Founder, Partner

Ricardo is a Co-Founder of Dental Tax and Financial Advisor with IA Securities.

Ricardo works with you to help you save tax, grow your dental practice, and implement wealth building strategies.

Ricardo has been in the accounting & wealth management industry for 10 years, working with dentists to save money on taxes and managing their finances.

He lives in Etobicoke with his spouse, Maribel, and daughter, Valentina. Music is a big part of their lives, with salsa being part of how Ricardo and Maribel initially met. You can always expect dancing at family functions and even on weekends, Ricardo and Maribel try to get out with friends to dance. After all, it’s great exercise!

Ricardo is an avid traveller, and plays the points game to get his trips for practically free. Also a huge soccer fanatic, you can always find Ricardo travelling to wherever the latest World Cup, European Cup, and Copa America tournaments are happening.

He also likes to stay active by playing squash, going to the gym, as well as playing golf. His golf game isn’t nearly as good as Adam but he’s practicing and loves interacting with clients and colleagues over a round of golf or sporting event.

Relationships are important to Ricardo. He looks to build a bond with you because having a deep understanding of who you are, the challenges you face, and what you’re trying to achieve is what he believes to be the best way of helping you manage your finances over the long term.  

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