The 7 Figure Dentist is an elite group of some of the most successful and fastest growing dental practices in Canada. You’re serious about increasing your profits, paying less tax, and building your net worth beyond 7 figures.

Do any of these problems sound familiar?



I want to keep growing but don't know what else to do

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Common Issues

You’ve done an amazing job growing your practice to 7 figures or more.

For many practice owners, you eventually hit a growth plateau and wonder – what do I do next? I want to keep growing.

I want to increase profits without increasing overhead

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Common Issues

Every single dental practice can increase profitability without adding staff, chairs, or other overhead costs.

Managing the relationship between reception, hygiene department, and dentists is critical for this to be done.

So is managing accounts receivable, cash flow, and expenses.

I want to buy more practices, how should I do that

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Common Issues

Why not? You’re in super growth mode.

Key considerations here are:

…do you need bank funding?

…do you need to tap into the equity of your existing practice?

…how do you setup a proper corporate structure?

…how do you extract profits from each practice in a tax efficient way?

This is where planning is critical. 

I'm spending too much time on practice admin

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Common Issues

You know what you want to keep growing but are struggling to find time.

Between patient care, managing your staff, and general practice admin, you’re finding it tough to find time to sit down and draft a strategy.

Or maybe you have a strategy but because of the lack of time, you find that you aren’t executing properly.

I feel like I am paying too much tax

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Common Issues

Your practice is generating 7 figures, which means you are likely in the highest tax bracket as well.

You already have an accountant.

But when it comes to tax time, you’re just sitting in complete darkness wondering…

…why is my accountant not providing any tax planning for me?

…are there more deductions that I can claim?

…how can I increase production and improve the profitability of my practice?

…is my corporation structured properly to pay less tax?

…am I properly structured for retirement?

And that’s just a handful of a few HUNDRED questions that we hear from dentists.

Start paying less tax.

How do I extract equity from the multiple practices I own

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Common Issues

The last thing you want to do is start investing in real estate, practices, or other investments inside your dentistry professional corporation.

There are tax efficient ways to extract profits and equity from each practice so that you can build your retirement fund and continue to hold these investments well into retirement.

Without a plan, you’ll never reach your goals



Increase Profits

You’re serious about increasing profits of your dental practice.

Get the planning you need to increase profits with what you currently have in place or by expanding your practice.

Pay Less Tax

You’re in the highest tax bracket, let’s find ways to reduce tax.

Get the planning you need so that you and your practice pay the least amount of personal and corporate tax.

Increase Net Worth

You’re serious about growing your 7 figure net worth.

Get the planning you need to tax efficiently grow your money and your personal net worth to 7 figures and beyond.

Let’s Get Started

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