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Ready to maximize your tax savings? Our dental accounting services helps dentists in Canada take home more of their hard-earned money with efficient tax planning services.

About The Dental Tax Team:

Professional Accountants for Dentists in Canada

We are a team of professional accountants and advisors who have come together to build a customize tax and financial roadmap to help you through every stage of your dental career. This is why we came together to offer a wide range of tax and accounting services that can benefit dentists in a big way. Our mission is simple:

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Grow Your Dental Practice

Letting us take the lead with a comprehensive tax planning approach means you’ll have more time to spend focusing on your patients and growing your practice.

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Offer Professional Advice

We’re professional accountants who are always here to lend a helping hand to dentists through every stage of their business and personal life.
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Help Achieve Your Goals

Ultimately, your goals are now our goals and we work hard on your behalf to reach them through meticulous tax preparation and accounting services.

How We're Different

We know you’ve heard it before, but we take great pride in the fact that our services are of the highest standards possible for dentists in Canada. We help our clients take complete control of their financial situation and needs by developing an intimate understanding of their long-term goals. From there, we do what we do best while our clients do what they do best. We work our financial magic so the number one priority for our clients can always be their patients. Contact our Dental Tax team right away so we can begin personalizing your financial solution and help you save thousands of dollars.

Professional Accountants With Years of Experience

Our Services Include:


Tax Planning

By helping you pay less income tax, you can keep more of your hard-earned money and increase the cash flow to your business. Let us take care of your tax planning while you continue to focus on treating your patients.

Business Planning

Are you opening a new dental practice? Have you been in business for years without a proper plan in place? Let’s work together to plan for your future and establish realistic goals so you can maximize your profits.


You shouldn’t have to be your own accountant. By handing us the reins, you can continue focusing on what is most important to you: treating your patients. From identifying financial issues to answering any of your questions along the way, your dedicated accountant will cover all the bases.


Our bookkeeping professionals can manage beyond just the basics. From handling your practice’s cash flow to overall helping you run your business, you can have so much more free time by trusting us as your dedicated bookkeeper.

Tax Preparation

Filing your own income taxes can be downright confusing and time-consuming. But that’s where we come in. Save yourself the headache and allow our tax return expert to file your taxes on your behalf correctly and in a timely manner.


It’s never too early to plan ahead, especially when it comes to your dental practice’s insurance policies. We offer various insurance coverage plans for dentists including life insurance, disability insurance, critical insurance, and office overhead insurance. We’ll tailor your plans to suit your needs

Highly-Rated Dental Accounting Services

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We can help you save thousands of dollars.

You Need Tax and Accounting Professionals You Can Rely On

Our dental accountants have family members who are healthcare professionals themselves, so our team knows how much hard work and dedication dentists put into their practices. That’s why we want our clients to be able to focus on their practice while we handle their tax preparation, bookkeeping, and other financial needs for them.

We’ve had many years of valuable experience in the financial industry and always look forward to working with new clients to help them achieve their goals. Rest assured knowing that we care just as much about your dental practice as you do and work diligently on your behalf to provide your practice (and your wallet) with the guidance it deserves.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Looking for a free tax assessment? We provide free consultations with dentists so we can get to know you, your personal goals and needs, and which services you’re interested in. Better yet, you can contact us when it’s most convenient for y0u. We know how busy you are, therefore, we want to work around your schedule. You can also contact us via email and one of our accountants will get back to you promptly.

We want to help you save thousands of dollars every year. Why? Because you deserve it.