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Dental Tax Goes Beyond Traditional Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping Professionals Who Will Maximize Your Cash Flow

Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve the profitability of your dental practice, and that includes our bookkeeping services too. The philosophy here at Dental Tax is that you can achieve greater goals when you’re part of a team. The most successful business owners and professionals surround themselves with experts in their respective fields. Surround your dental practice with a bookkeeping team of the most qualified professionals.

All of our bookkeeping services are scalable with your business. Just starting your dental practice? We’ll get you started with our bookkeeping services early on and will set you up for success from the beginning. Already have an established dental practice that you’re looking to expand? Our bookkeeping services will grow and expand with you. We want to take the stress out of the financial side of your dental practice. Whatever your needs, big or small, we’ll be there.

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Our Mission

To help dentists save money, make money, and save time.


How You Benefit

Less taxes paid, bigger practice, larger net worth, and more time to spend with patients and family.


How You Get There

You’re more likely to reach your goals if you plan for it.

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Do you want to start saving thousands of dollars in taxes every year? Schedule a free tax assessment with Dental Tax and get one step closer to putting your hard-earned money back into your pocket and business.

Reap The Rewards Of A Professional Bookkeeper

Let Us Help You Make Informed Financial Decisions For Your Dentistry

Our bookkeeping goes beyond just keeping track of the numbers. We take those numbers and turn them into useful information that can help inform the financial decisions of your business. This information can be useful for business planning on topics like cash flow management, operating activities, liquidity and financing decisions.

When you invest in our bookkeeping services at Dental Tax, you’re getting more than just basic bookkeeping. You’re getting a team of experts who know the dental profession and can use bookkeeping as a tool to identify any profitability pitfalls or financial inconsistencies. Our team at Dental Tax will care for you like you care for your patients. We’ll make the financial wellbeing of you and your dental practice our top priority. Like we said, our bookkeeping is more than a service. It’s a tool to grow your business. Get started today. 

Experienced Accountants Who Are Passionate About The Dental Industry

Dental Tax Offers The Following Services:

Tax forms from the Government of Canada


When you think of bookkeeping for your dental practice, do you think of payroll, accounts payable and tax return preparation? Here at Dental Tax, we go beyond these traditional bookkeeping duties.

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Tax Preparation

When it comes time to start preparing your income tax for filing, do you find yourself dreading the process? Do you get anxious about your tax return or feel unsure of the steps you need to take?

Business planning session with accountants around a table

Tax Planning

You’ve worked hard to create your dental practice. So let us work even harder to protect what you’ve earned. Here at Dental Tax, we help dentists pay less tax every year. We’ll keep more cash in your dental practice by using our strategic tax planning solutions specifically for dentists.