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Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services
With our bookkeeping services, you can be more on top of your financial landscape, to know where you stand, and make better-informed decisions. Our detailed and thorough bookkeeping services offer more than simple transaction tracking. We identify potential areas of improvement, advise on unnecessary expenses, and create comprehensive, meaningful financial statements and customized reports beyond basic balance sheets. We’ll guide you on optimal accounting systems and simplifying and streamlining your bookkeeping systems, too.
Tax Planning
Gain the advantages of tax planning strategies that specifically target opportunities for dentists and dental practices. With plans in place ahead of time, you can fully leverage ways to reduce your taxes. There’s little benefit to you if you don’t learn about tax strategies during tax season, so we help with proactive strategies, tailored to you, so you can implement them at the beginning of the year, for bigger tax returns for you and your dental practice.
Tax Preparation
A great tax planning strategy gives you a critical start on lowering taxes, but your tax returns need to be completed expertly to ensure you get the benefit of those strategies. Our unique, professional expertise means you won’t miss a single deduction or tax-saving opportunity. In addition, you don’t have to worry about handling time-consuming, bothersome tax returns yourself, or about dealing with the CRA, as we’ll do all that for you.
Business Planning
Reach your personal and business goals, and ensure you always have the cash flow to do what you need or want to. Dental practice-focused business planning by experts in the field will give you a competitive advantage, and give you a better handle on your financial landscape, whatever stage you and your dental practice are at. New and growing or well established dental practices alike can benefit from solid planning to ensure goals are met. We’ve developed methods to help you boost profits and efficiency while lowering expenses.
The unexpected can create significant difficulties for a business owner. We can help you be prepared, with insurance products for you and your dental practice, perfectly tailored to give the security you need. We understand the risk dentists and dental practices face, and will advise you on insurance policies and risk management options that can give you peace of mind. From office overhead insurance for the practice, to critical, disability, and life insurance for you, we’re familiar with the best policies and the right levels of coverage for different dental practices and dentists.
Accounting Services
As a dentist or dental practice owner, you need specialized accounting services from professional accountants with expertise in your industry, but you also need an accounting agency that will treat you as a priority. We tailor your advice and strategies, spending time to fully understand your individual financial landscape, so we pinpoint your unique opportunities and concerns. We also take time to answer all of your questions and clarify the reasoning behind different strategies, so you can be confident in any decision you make.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Service Options, Specializing in the Needs of Dentists and Dental Practices

Our expert accountants specialize in dental accounting, and know how to develop tailored strategies for different dental practices. We know the dental industry intimately, and know the best strategies for dental practices, so you can pay less in taxes and unnecessary expenses, increase your cash flow to reinvest into your dental practice, and have more money for your personal goals. We understand different people have different goals, including retirement or semi-retirement goals, so we help you reach your business and personal goals, whatever they are. We treat your goals as our own, and your successes as ours.

Expert Accounting and Bookkeeping Services for Dental Professionals and Dental Practice Owners

Dental Tax’s professional accountants have specialized expertise in the dental industry, to offer our clients a competitive edge in this tight market. We offer our unique expertise with comprehensive services to meet all of your accounting needs. We have developed methods and strategies with proven results that we tailor and customize to your unique situation. This gives you a roadmap to financial success and health.
We let you get back to caring for your patients, by handling your tax and accounting worries. We collaborate with you, to make sure your tailored plan will meet your goals for your business and personal life. We then create the plan to guide you through every stage of your career, so you can relax knowing you are on the right track. From buying a new practice, to growing it, then retiring or selling it, we can help you succeed at any stage.

Helping you achieve your goals is our top priority!

About the Dental Tax Team

Our accountants have family members who are healthcare and dental professionals, so we appreciate and understand what dentists do, and the challenges dental practices face. We’re proud to help our dental professional clients, and are excited to draw from all of our expertise to help them gain a competitive edge. We’re nearly as excited as our clients are when they see the difference our strategies make on their custom financial reports and statements.

We’ve helped many dentists and dental practice owners for over 15 years, so we have a lot of experience, and gained many loyal customers. Our mission is to help dentists like you reach your goals and enjoy financial security; our passionate team of dedicated accountants always give their best to help you.
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The Dental Tax Advantage

Get a competitive advantage in your industry. Benefit from a comprehensive range of quality, dental accounting and bookkeeping services offered by experts. We’ll help you understand, and get on top of, your finances. Custom personal and business plans can help you grow faster and achieve goals sooner, while relieving the stress of uncertainty. Let us guide you to better financial results.
We make you our priority, so you can free yourself from financial stresses, and get back to focusing on your clients.
Contact us for a free consultation and free tax assessment. We will take the time to get to know you, so we can help you reach your business and personal goals better. We can discuss which of our dental accounting services may give you the best impact. We know you are busy healthcare professionals, so we work around your schedule. Trust us to help you save money every year, with better financial and tax planning, customized to you and specifically for the dental industry.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Looking for a free tax assessment? We provide free consultations with dentists so we can get to know you, your personal goals and needs, and which services you’re interested in. Better yet, you can contact us when it’s most convenient for y0u. We know how busy you are, therefore, we want to work around your schedule. You can also contact us via email and one of our accountants will get back to you promptly.

We want to help you save thousands of dollars every year. Why? Because you deserve it.