Disability Insurance For Dentists

Every Dentist Deserves To Be Protected In The Event Of The Unexpected

Customized Disability Insurance Benefits For You & Your Dental Practice

As a dental professional in good health, having disability coverage may not seem beneficial until you actually need it. When you least expect it, you might suffer from an accident, illness, or injury that causes you to be unable to work. By having additional coverage in place, you have the assistance and support you need in order to replace lost income should you have to take time away from your business and career.

We Want To Get You The Coverage You Deserve

Have you ever considered how you would provide for yourself and your family in the event of a total disability? Do you have student loans from dental school that still need to be paid? How will you afford your mortgage or the expenses of your dental practice if you are suddenly disabled? No matter your age, it is never too early or too late for disability insurance. Our company works with insurance companies all across Canada to ensure dental professionals have the coverage options they need and deserve. For more information on our insurance products, contact us today.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to ensure you are protected with comprehensive disability coverage options in the event of income loss.

How You Benefit

At any age, you need to have a plan in the event of the unexpected. With the right disability coverage, you can take care of your health and don’t have to risk dipping into savings to pay for living expenses.

How You Get There

It first starts with a phone call. You’re more likely to get the pay benefits you need if you plan for it. Schedule your free assessment with us today.

Book A Free Insurance Assessment

No one knows what the future holds which is why it’s important to get insured. Schedule a free insurance assessment with Dental Tax to learn more about disability coverage and how you can get the coverage you need with premiums you can afford.

You’ll Be Providing Yourself With Peace of Mind

Dental Tax is proud to offer comprehensive disability insurance coverage that will protect dentists and their families. We work with many different insurance carriers so that you get the coverage you need with premiums that are affordable and cost-effective. While one insurance company may require a waiting period and medical exam to be eligible, there are also other insurance carriers that make it easier to qualify. We will work diligently to determine an individual policy that is right for you.

If you experience an injury or illness, the last thing you want to be worried about is how to earn income when you’re not able to work. By having disability coverage in place, dentists are protecting themselves, their families and their dentistry.

We Provide Services For:

Associates, Practice Owners, Retiring Dentists

How drastically will your quality of life change if you no longer have an income due to becoming disabled? Protect yourself and your future by ensuring you have coverage in place that can carry you forward. Call or email us today to learn more.

Disability Benefits You Can Count On With A Premium You Can Afford

Dental Tax Makes It Easy For Dentists To Get More Coverage

No dentist ever wants to be in a position where they find themselves disabled. However, critical illness or injury most often occurs unexpectedly. For example, have you ever given thought to how you would pay for future bills if you were no longer able to work in your occupation? While the cost of insurance benefits may seem like a lot to pay out of pocket, it is no comparison to not having income replacement when you are disabled. For dentists who may not have coverage through their own occupation, it’s important to have coverage to fall back on. Here at Dental Tax, we will scan the market to find the best insurance company to find the right coverage for you.


From partial benefits to a catastrophic disability rider, you can count on us to ensure dentists are always protected. With the right plan in place, it is easy to collect benefits when and if you need them. An insurance company will typically pay dentists a monthly benefit for a specific benefit period. This pay is used to pay for income replacement. Not only are we dedicated to the needs of the dental profession, but we are also committed to ensuring you have coverage with a premium you can afford. No matter your age, let’s have a conversation today.

Did you know that you can receive up to 50% of your premium back every eight years if there is no claim? Disability insurance is primarily intended to replace approximately 60% of your income in the event that a disability completely or partially limits your ability to work. Protect yourself by getting in touch with us today.