You’ve worked hard to create your dental practice.

So let us work even harder to protect what you’ve earned. Here at Dental Tax, we help dentists pay less tax every year. We’ll keep more cash in your dental practice by using our strategic tax planning solutions specifically for dentists. Just like you specialize in dentistry, we specialize in tax planning for dental professionals. This means that we have dental tax planning expertise that is hard to match.

But why stop there? At Dental Tax we strive to help dentists build their practice and personal net worth to seven figures and beyond. You’re more likely to reach your goals if you plan for it and we help you do just that. We take pride in our financial planning and proactive tax strategies which save your hard-earned dollars. Paying less income tax means that you keep more of what you earn. When you keep more of your hard-earned practice dollars, you increase cash flow to your business. This allows you to grow a bigger dental practice, bigger net worth and bigger goals.

We approach tax planning for dentists with determination, creativity and professionalism. Wonder if there’s more deductions that you could be claiming? We’ll find them. Unsure if your dental practice is structured properly to pay less tax? We’ll tell you. Do you worry that as your dental practice expands, your profitability will decrease? We’ll change that. Let us take care of what we do best so you can focus on what you do best. Together, we’ll build your dental practice and net worth to seven figures and beyond.

The seven figure dentist is an elite group of some of the most successful and fastest growing dental practices in Canada. These dentists are not typical and neither are their results. If your practice isn’t there yet, let’s talk. Tax planning is just one of the many financial strategies for dentists that we can explore to move you closer to this goal. If you’re already there, then you know that you’re in one of the highest tax brackets that exist. Don’t lose any more of your hard-earned dollars. Contact our team at Dental Tax today to get started increasing profits, paying less tax and continuing to build the net worth of your dental practice.


Our Mission

To help dentists save money, make money, and save time.

How You Benefit

Less taxes paid, bigger practice, larger net worth, and more time to spend with patients and family.

How You Get There

You’re more likely to reach your goals if you plan for it.

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Maybe you already have an accountant, or maybe this is your first step to finding one.

Wherever you are in your business journey of owning a dental practice, ask yourself these questions. Does the accountant you currently have or are thinking of hiring come from a family of dentists and doctors? We do. Does the accounting firm you’re currently choosing take on clients from multiple industries? We don’t. Does your accounting professional take time to sit down with you and find ways to save your money, grow your dental practice and meet your goals? We always will.

Choose the team that knows dentists inside and out. Choose the team that works tirelessly to save dentists more money by paying less tax. Choose the team that wants to grow your practice and personal net worth to new heights – seven figures and beyond. Choose Dental Tax, because we’ve dedicated our careers to helping dentists save more of their money. Now let us save more of yours.


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