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Tax Planning

We optimize your business and personal tax returns, by planning ahead with strategies custom-designed and tailored for you. We help you get started on these at the beginning of the year, so you can maximize the benefits. We help you reduce your taxable income and fix any tax issues, with more proactive techniques.

Tax Preparation

After helping you plan ahead with long-term strategies to lower your taxes owed, you’ll be in good shape for tax season. However, tax returns are confusing and time-consuming, and if completed improperly, you might miss a tax opportunity. Let us eliminate the hassle for you, and maximize your money back. We’ll even deal with the Canada Revenue Agency.

Business Planning

Our business advisory and financial planning services can help, whether you just started a new practice or had one for years. We collaborate with you closely, setting realistic business and personal goals, to maximize your profits and increase your cash flow. We can also help with your dental practice sale or purchase, or other business management roles.


Proper bookkeeping helps optimize cash flow and facilitate processes and decision-making. Our meticulous and comprehensive bookkeeping services for dentists include managing all aspects of dental practice financials, including preparing actionable financial statements, handling accounts payables and receivables, payroll, and more.


We help you plan ahead with tailored insurance products to protect dentists and their businesses, including life insurance, disability insurance, critical insurance, and office overhead insurance. We’ll guide you through the complexities of insurance policies, to find one right for you.


We are professional accountants you can trust; you are our top priority. Our tax and accounting services are specially tailored for our dental clients and their dental practices; we specialize in this area to be able to help you better. We pay attention to every detail, so we identify any financial issues or opportunities you may have. This lets us address issues quickly. We can help you, regardless of what stage of your career you are at. We’ll also take time to answer all of your questions.

Dental Accounting Mississauga

Our dental accounting services help dentists in Mississauga improve their financial situation. Our wide range of financial planning and tax services, including bookkeeping services, tax preparation services, and practice purchases or sales services, bring significant savings to you. We reduce unnecessary expenses and taxes for more money in your pocket, and a competitive advantage in an increasingly challenging world.

Professional Accounting Services for Your Dental Practice

Benefit from an accounting firm that has the expertise you need. We offer you the advantage of a chartered professional accountant and a dental tax specialist, all in one! We specialize in services for dentists so can we help them better in achieving their business and personal goals and being able to focus on dentistry again.

Our chartered professional accountants will coach and advise you, customizing a tax and financial road map to guide you over time. Our services and advice is tailored, helping you at every stage of your career. Start and grow your dental practice faster, with the advantage of exceptionally thorough tax planning and accounting services that completely matches your needs. With tangible, actionable financial advice on dental practice management, the financial benefits are significant.

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Who We Are

Our professional accountants have family members who are healthcare professionals themselves, so we know how hard dentists work, and the significant value they bring. We understand and value the work that medical and dental professionals do – that’s why we chose to specialize in the dentistry field. That’s also why we want to help dedicated dentists like you, handling your financial statements, taxes, bookkeeping, insurance, and other financial needs.

We have specialized in dental accounting for over 15 years, and enjoy helping dental healthcare professionals achieve their goals. We know the significant value you bring in providing your expertise, so let us help you with financial matters that aren’t taught in dental schools.

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How We Help Healthcare Professionals Like You

We offer the highest quality services and best customer service for dentists and healthcare professionals in the dentistry industry. We help dentists gain control of their finances. We work closely with you to understand your long-term goals, so we can offer personalized support to achieve them. Our comprehensive services and unique expertise means we can help you better. Our financial statements are clearer, our expert advice for informed business decisions is more targeted, and our tax planning and filing is more strategic for dentists. Simply put, our unique accounting services give you a competitive edge.

We put our clients first, so you can put yours first.
Contact us for a free consultation and free tax assessment. We will take the time to get to know you, so we can help you reach your business and personal goals better. We can discuss which of our dental accounting services may give you the best impact. We know you are busy healthcare professionals, so we work around your schedule. Trust us to help you save money every year, with better financial and tax planning, customized to you and specifically for the dental industry.

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We provide free consultations, so we can get to know you, your financial goals, and which services could benefit you. Contact us whenever is convenient for you – we’ll work around your schedule. Email us, and a chartered accountant will get back to you soon.

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