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Tax Planning
Planning ahead on tax strategies means you can leverage more opportunities to reduce your tax liabilities. Our accountants are specialists in taxation for dentists and dental practices, and help our clients get more money back on their tax returns with proactive strategies at the beginning of the year. We will tailor plans for you and your business to help you pay less taxes and keep more money.
Tax Preparation
Specialized tax planning for you and your dental practice gives you the optimal start on lowering taxes, but expertly-completed tax returns will provide you with the complete benefit. By having professionals with the unique expertise in dental taxes handle your tax returns, you don’t have to spend precious time on this stressful, lengthy task, and you can be confident that all tax reduction opportunities are maximized. Plus, you can rest easy knowing we handle any dealings with the CRA on your behalf.
Business Planning
We are more than tax accountants, and offer specialized services in business planning for dental practices in Hamilton. We’ll help you get your personal and business finances in excellent shape, whatever stage you are at in your career. Whether you are buying a new practice, growing an existing one, or looking to sell in the near future, we will maximize your profits, reduce expenses, and free up a larger cash flow! You’ll have a custom plan that helps you achieve your goals, with less impact on your lifestyle.
Be more in charge of your finances and on top of all components of them, with more comprehensive and meticulous bookkeeping services. We go beyond simple tracking of transactions, to generating detailed financial statements so you can see exactly where you stand, and can make better business decisions. We can even help you establish new accounting systems, simplify processes, and recommend accounting software systems to make daily operations easier.
Be prepared for the unexpected. Dental Tax can help you with insurance products targeted specifically for dentists and their practices to give them the peace of mind and security they need. Our specialists will advise you on available insurance policies, strategies to manage risks, and what levels of office overhead insurance, critical and disability insurance, or life insurance you could benefit from.
We are professional accountants you can depend on. We treat you as a priority, and take time to review your individual situation and identify financial issues and opportunities. We’ll answer all your questions so you can make informed decisions, and help with managing all aspects of your finances, including accounts payables and receivables, payroll, and more.

Chartered Professional Accountants, Specializing in Dentists' Tax and Accounting Needs

Without the right strategy, dentists can end up paying a lot in taxes, but with the right strategies, you can keep more of your hard-earned money, and then benefit from optimal tactics of reinvesting in your practice to grow it more, without having to sacrifice. We can help you do all of that, plus help you with strategies for retirement and your other important business or personal goals. Achieving your goals are our main objective, and our comprehensive, expert services in Hamilton will help. Enjoy an edge in the tough, competitive world of dentistry, and peace of mind knowing you have a plan for success.

Expert Financial Help for Dental Healthcare Professionals

The Dental Tax accountants have specialized expertise in accounting services for dentists in Hamilton. We offer this expertise with a wide range of services, utilizing various methods and strategies to develop a tailored, proactive plan to improve your personal and business financial health. Focus on the dental needs of your patients, and let us worry about your tax and accounting needs.
You can trust our chartered professional accountants to listen to you, and design a customized financial plan, which will guide you through every stage of your career. You’re in good hands, right from when you are starting out and buying a new dental practice. We can offer you advice and guidance on how to do this right, and continue to guide you up until you are ready to retire and sell it. Grow your practice fast, and be ready to retire earlier. What’s more, your time and energy is freed up, with accounting services to handle your finances completely. Your goals and growth are our prime concern.

Getting you the best financial results possible is our top priority!

About the Dental Tax Team

Our accounting experts have family members who are healthcare professionals; we understand – and appreciate – all that you do. We love to help our hard-working dentist clients! We’re passionate about using all of our expertise in accounting and business and tax planning to get our clients ahead of the pack financially. You’ll clearly see the difference we can make on our detailed financial statements and reports.
We know what we’re doing; we’ve been helping dental professionals and practice owners for more than 15 years. At Dental Tax, our mission is to help you reach your goals, and we work hard to ensure you do.
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How We Help

With quality, expert services and comprehensive accounting and financial support, perfectly targeted for dentists like you, we get you on top of your finances completely and tailor financial plans to take you from where you are now to where you want to be. You can enjoy better financial results with superior accounting expertise. We’ll give you the necessary tools for good business decisions and a competitive edge.

You’re our highest priority. Stop worrying about finances, and get back to helping patients.

Contact us for a free consultation and free tax assessment. We will take the time to get to know you, so we can help you reach your business and personal goals better. We can discuss which of our dental accounting services may give you the best impact. We know you are busy healthcare professionals, so we work around your schedule. Trust us to help you save money every year, with better financial and tax planning, customized to you and specifically for the dental industry.

Contact Us For A Free Consultation

Looking for a free tax assessment? We provide free consultations with dentists so we can get to know you, your personal goals and needs, and which services you’re interested in. Better yet, you can contact us when it’s most convenient for y0u. We know how busy you are, therefore, we want to work around your schedule. You can also contact us via email and one of our accountants will get back to you promptly.

We want to help you save thousands of dollars every year. Why? Because you deserve it.