Congratulations on starting your own small business! Yes, that’s what your new dental practice is – a small business. Like any other small business, you have chosen a name, logo, hired staff members and found your perfect location. But once you open those doors for the first time you are in the next important stage of being a business owner; expediting lead generation to build your patient file. Which will ultimately lead to your business’ success.

But wait – before you open the door there are still a couple important decisions to be made:

  • What is the vision of your ideal dental practice two years from now?
  • Who is your target demographic and what will be your key message that engages them?

Once those decisions have been made, you can start to focus your energy on the marketing piece of your business. Now, ask yourself this question, “How can I best introduce myself to this new marketplace to make a great first impression, while generating new patient prospect leads?”

To answer that, you must be focused on these three key strategies to most effectively open and maintain a successful dental practice in today’s marketplace: 

Branding Strategy

Branding goes far beyond deciding on the name and logo associated with your practice. The choices you make regarding your brand speak to your patients’ experiences, office environment and team dynamic. Ultimately, it’s the decisions behind this branding strategy that will impact how you and your practice are perceived by both your new and potential patients.

Digital Strategy

We live in an Internet-based world where websites, Google, Facebook and Instagram are all powerful forces that people utilize to help them with influence and ultimate decision making. Your presence in all of these areas needs to be consistent and engaging to make the most out of every new business lead.

Community Strategy

The people living around your dental practice represent a key audience relating to lead generation. These people lead busy lives and like all of us, convenience is king. To professionally introduce you and your practice to this target audience it is wise to use different media vehicles such as Google My Business, Facebook, signage and mailer campaigns.

In theory this all sounds simple and obvious; however, implementing these three key strategies can be very time consuming and all-for-naught if improperly executed.

This is where Full Contact Marketing comes in; consider us your trump card, if you will. We have 18 years of dental practice marketing under our belts including countless practice openings, so with us in your back pocket, you will be set up for success for years to come. Contact us today to talk about your new small business; we promise you will be happy you did.

Have a great month,

Dan Pisek, Co-Founder Full Contact Marketing

Dan and his group at FCM have been key players in the field of dental practice marketing for over 18 years. Together they bring a distinctively successful repertoire of marketing services and an engaging leadership approach to deliver client success stories.

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